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Question   GM's Snowy Owl
It was great to meet you today as we enjoyed our northern visitor. I look forward to sharing your photography with my daughter. No doubt she'll find it inspiring.
If you could provide links to photos of the Snowy we saw I would really appreciate it. I found comments but no pics.
Thank you,
Randy Curtis

- Randy Curtis January 19, 2009

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Question   Travel photography
loved your portfolio & travel photography,
enjoyed your work..Thanks

- james hicks October 28, 2008

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Question   Thanks
Your pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them.

- Lesli PIerce October 15, 2008

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Question   Class Act
Tom, as always you work is really classy. I thoroughly enjoy the slide shows with your background music. Let me know when the site is complete and I'll gladly share it with friends around the country.


- Lynn LaBudde October 03, 2008

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Question   GREAT!
This is WONDERFULL!!! You are so talented. :-)

love em

- Emily Wilson October 03, 2008

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Question   website
Tom - the website is spectacular! We'll be at the Morgan Falls hydroplant tomorow, Saturday, Oct 4th for our 5th annual river cleanup if you have time, stop by and we'll get on top again for better pix

linda bain
770-500-4938 cell

- Linda Bain October 03, 2008

  Answer The pictures are so BEAUTIFUL!!!
I also Love the music!! :)

- Lori Dameron  October 06, 2008

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